the right ecommerce strategy
for your success!

E-commerce all-in-one solutions & online shop solutions

E-commerce, usability of the website and the shopping process, landing page optimisation, conversion tracking, analysis and search engine optimisation – we provide you with an overall concept that contains all crucial points and requirements that are essential for the successful implementation of your e-commerce shop solution. After all, your e-commerce solution is supposed to generate sustained sales!
This is where together with you, the e-commerce specialists of vierdimensional new media agency Germany / Austria / Suisse /Lake Constance will design your individual online marketing system, which you can also link to and meaningfully complement with your classic marketing channels, if required.

Continuously expand the online business

Here both your company and vierdimensional must focus on continuous development, as the online business should continually be optimised and expanded. Challenges such as the connection to your enterprise resource planning, invoicing processes and payment methods, as well as the international freight charges regulation and shop certifications for user-friendly shops and evaluation systems keep the field of e-commerce exciting, as new projects can be implemented and new potentials can be tapped all the time.