analyse, research,
evaluate, improve

A brief consultation with our client followed by the immediate implementation. This would be the best-case scenario if all relevant items and open questions have been clarified in the consultation process and if you know exactly what you require and have established the correct strategy for your project. However, in order to gain a deeper insight into your corporate world and to familiarise ourselves with your goals, markets and in particular your customers, we perform a detailed analysis of your initial situation and your objective. Before starting a project, we perform an analysis of the current situation, the market, as well as your goals, customers and in particular your potentials. Only once we have performed this, do we know exactly what to do and are able to provide comprehensive, professional advice.

Often there’s more than one way to achieve your desired goal. We’ll find the right one together with you!

Discover and utilise your creative potential

In workshops at your premises or even better, in a neutral location, we will work together with your key project personnel to ensure we can fully focus on analysing, deliberating, debating, and drafting your project. This is how we develop your optimum concept together with you in order to provide your project with the correct, lasting strategy.

In most cases we discover very quickly, where the creative potential lies dormant, which we then simply have to awaken. Together with you, we establish the basic framework of your customised campaign, your brand appearance, your company appearance or your product.

Implement the results of the analysis efficiently and in a sustainable manner

Subsequently, the relevant specialists required will implement your project together with you. The focus, channels, design, budget and targets will have been defined and are then put into practice by vierdimensional’s network of specialists from all areas, from the draft to the final realisation. In doing so, we again act in accordance with our philosophy of engaging in constant dialogue with you, as far as the current status, the progress and the achieved objectives are concerned.

The analysis & marketing specialists of vierdimensional Marketing Agency Lake Constance / Ravensburg / Upper Swabia are analysts, concept developers, strategists and creative minds. As a matter of principle, their work is efficient, cost-effective, flexible and always focused on the company.