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Web design / website analysis

Your website is your site, but it should be appealing. Modern, intuitively navigable, a real “eye-catcher”– at least that’s what we would expect of a website. Do you want yourself and your company to disappear in the crowd? NO – you want to stand out. The WWW has plenty of sites that follow the cookie cutter approach, you don’t need to be another one of the same. Therefore, first of all we have to ask the question:

What do you want to achieve with your website?

What exactly do you want your website to do on the Internet? Simply be present? Bring you customers and make them aware of you? Provide value-added information? Or simply look good? As soon as we know your objectives, we will be able to make the right choices together with you and develop a website concept that suits your requirements and needs perfectly.

What system do you want to use for your website?

Do you want the new website to be based on a content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, Joomla, TYPO3, or instead on an online shop system, such as Oxid, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce or other online shop systems, or maybe on a HTML5-based in-house development? This is the issue we will work on together in a website concept workshop, with the aim of answering the question “What is the right system for my website/homepage?”.
At the end of the workshop, we will be able to give you an approximate price for creating your website and the operating costs for running your website. Shortly after, we will make you a detailed written offer for creating, planning and running the website.

Web design: Interaction of important factors for a successful website

The primary focus of web design is who you are and how you want to present yourself. Do you want the website to be colourful, technical, modest, elegant or simply grey? This is the point where our web designers come into play. Combining the objectives, benefits, functionality, effectiveness and aesthetics, whilst taking into account your corporate identity, they create the first draft of your new or existing website.

Responsive web design, optimal presentation on all devices

Here, factors such as the visibility of your products or services and the layout of your navigation elements, call-to-action buttons or shopping basket functions decide whether your customers feel at ease on your site and therefore have a direct interest in doing business with you. The contents of your site must be legible, easy to navigate intuitively, arouse interest and simply offer your prospective customers added value compared to your competitors. Furthermore, nowadays you will not get around the fact that your website must be accessible not only from desktop PCs, but also from a steadily increasing number of mobile devices, such as mobile phones (smartphones), tablets, navigation devices and watches by employing responsive web design.

Who knows what else will be connected to the Internet in the future and will be able to present your website to your users?

Implementation of the website concept

Afterwards it’s the turn of our team of web developers and programmers. Every graphic idea and every draft will now take shape through the technical implementation. From the basic setup with your provider, through the installation of the database and the respective content management system, to the implementation of individual extensions (technical “little helpers” for individual display formats or interfaces to your tools, such as your internal enterprise resource planning, CRM systems, etc.). Here we pay the greatest attention to the functionality and operability as far as the customer is concerned, but also with respect to maintenance of the website by you.

Maintenance and enhancement of the website

Every Internet page and every web shop literally has a life. Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to “put it on the web” and then neglect it. A website wants to live. Just as you and your company develop further, your website also wants to be enhanced. This way, your website grows organically, both with you and with the spirit of the time or the current trend. This is what our web designers and web developers live, as they support you through new challenges, trends and technical possibilities step by step.

Landing pages, microsites & the like

However, our craft and passion is not restricted to your home page. The web offers innumerable further opportunities for you to present yourself and your company. Microsites, landing pages, the placement of banners in various networks and platforms, apps etc. make both your marketing and our work here exciting on a daily basis and become a challenge.

Create sustainability through knowledge

As with everything we do here, the focus of our job is on you and this also means that you should learn from us. Therefore, we do not restrict our work to consulting with you und implementing what we have discussed. We are also happy to offer you in-depth workshops and training courses at any time, enabling you to respond to the new requirements of the web, to collaborate actively and independently with the developed marketing strategies and to master the rules of the web.