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Effective marketing across all channels – from analysing your visitor data, through gathering your addresses via different channels, to the Google adword setting, banner advertisements, blog marketing, landing pages and social media marketing – vierdimensional knows the media world and will help you discover and effectively utilise the relevant channels for your company.

Efficiently utilise social media channels

There is a wealth of social media channels – new platforms emerge constantly in the media world, whilst existing ones are replaced by new ones. Which platforms and channels are right for you and your company? What do you want to focus on? Facebook? YouTube? Or rather Twitter and Pinterest? We will ask you the right questions and find the appropriate channels to strengthen your perception by the customer in the social web. However, as far as the social web is concerned, it is not enough to just be “present”, you consistently have to be active, innovative and above all, informative. To do so you need to do more than simply transfer the contents of your website 1:1. What is crucial here are the concept and strategy that are created not only by you but also by your fans, subscribers and followers, who may work actively and autonomously for – but also against – you. The social web simply has its own rules.

Live the dialogue, no matter what social media channel you are using!

Utilise our knowledge in order to endorse these channels during your next social media campaign. We live the dialogue and will help you make your brand, product or service tangible.

We will help you find the right way to address your fans, place your company appropriately and therefore strengthen your perception by the customer in the long term. Even when the going gets tough, vierdimensional is the right partner for you. Before you are overrun with unanswered questions by your fans or so-called “flame wars”, we will find the right way together with you, in order to defuse the situation and engage in the right kind of dialogue with your customers. After all, that’s why the social media channels are there for your customers: to enter into dialogue.

vierdimensional will support you with all of your online activities and any unanswered questions relating to online marketing. We will provide you with customised ideas and concepts for you and your company, which you can employ to master the new challenges in the online business.