Use for your clients the
most popular Marketing Tool

Effectively reach target groups with efficient newsletter marketing

Newsletter or e-mail marketing remains an extremely cost-efficient marketing tool. Utilise e-mail contacts to inform your customer base about your company, your added values and your products. Fill your customers with enthusiasm for your products and services, turn people with no buying interest into potential buyers and potential buyers into customers and encourage them to purchase from you.

E-mail / newsletter remains top communication medium

In 2018, e-mail is still the most used technology on the World Wide Web. Use this path to your advantage and reach your target group by means of the most popular communication medium in the business world. By directing your mailings via target groups and individual lists of recipients, you will reach your customers with the exact contents that are relevant to them and generally create added value for the recipient. vierdimensional will support you with employing targeted e-mail marketing in your company and with completing your media mix by means of individual mailings, personalised address and special campaigns.