adopt a strategic approach &
develop individual concepts

Strategy development & conception in the online + offline world

Why skirt around an issue when it is so easy to put it in a nutshell:

Definition of the term “conception”

“A conception (verb: to conceive (of), adjective: conceptual, from Latin “concipere”: to take in, to grasp, to comprehend, to conceive, to form an idea) is a comprehensive compilation of the objectives and the derived strategies and measures for implementing a major project that requires strategic planning. It includes the required information and contextual justification; additionally it also includes an opportunities & risk analysis, a time schedule and action plan, as well as planning of resources.”

Source: Translation of the German page “Konzeption”. In: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopaedia.

A neat and coherent concept is exactly what should precede any task!

Customised concepts – know the markets & define targets

First of all, we should understand you and your world and identify with your ideas and goals before commencing our work, as this is the only way we can lend you and your company our support. Once we are familiar with your products, services and objectives and know you on a personal level, the strategy and concept specialists of vierdimensional Idea & Concept Agency Germany / Lake Constance / Ravensburg are able to develop a customised concept and corresponding marketing strategy for you.

We look forward to meeting you!