word mark + figurative mark development, logo design, business stationery, etc.

Cross-media corporate design /
corporate identity development

We use your corporate design to translate your corporate messages and claims, as well as your values, into a memorable visual language in order to create a distinctive image for your company and products.

Together with you, we implement your design and imagery in all of our projects across the media – be it in print, on the web or for your trade fair appearance. This makes both your company and your product distinctive, allowing them to develop into a genuine long lasting brand. Develop & position a consistent image across the media

Corporate design is much more than just imagery. It is one of the most important and fundamental issues of our work for your company. All of the strengths and recognition values of your company, your product and your brand depend primarily on your corporate identity and your corporate design. Your personal logo, your in-house typography, the colours, formats and images you use are all intended to reflect your core message. They should be recognisable as a consistent visual image in all of your communication media and products. We are not really telling you anything new as nowadays, a good corporate design is one of the fundamental laws of marketing. This is the only way to ensure that there is nothing in the way of the successful positioning of your corporate identity in the market.

vierdimensional will support you with the following:

  • Brand development, such as logos and brand marks
  • Business stationery, such as notepaper, business cards, fax templates, etc.
  • Corporate design manuals
  • Image brochures / portfolios
  • Sales documentation / marketing materials
  • Leaflet, card & poster design
  • Advertising material design
  • Banners, signs, roll-up displays